Jenni Matchett grew up in Dawson City, Yukon on Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in lands, where an understanding of systems of injustice and oppression were sedimented into her upbringing and conception of the world. She comes from Scottish and Irish descent on her Father’s side, and Polish and Russian descent on her Mother’s side. Jenni is a designer and writer focused on collective projects and artistic practices that dismantle eco/colonial realities and help realize healing modes of existence. She has spent the past decade thinking and working at different angles of the energy transition and the possibilities for sovereignty that exist under alternative energy landscapes. She comes to this work as a climate justice advisor to the Assembly of First Nations Yukon Regional Chief. She is grateful for the opportunity to put her energy into this project and to be working alongside this team. Jenni has a Masters in Design Studies from Harvard University where her thesis Form Transition: Decarbonization beyond Settler Modernity centred this project as a model for transcending dominant approaches to decarbonization. For a long time, Jenni has moved between the Eastern United States and the Yukon. She currently lives in Dawson City where she’s building a little house.