Skaydu Û Jules

Teslin Tlingit Council


Skaydu.û yu xhút duwáasakw. Skaydu.û Jules dlet ka xanaxh. My Tlingit name is Skaydu.û and Autum Jules in English. Axh léelk’w du tláa, yóo xhat uwasáa. I’m named after my grandma’s mom. Ax tláa Khagane yoo xat uwasaa. My mom Khagane named me so.

Daxhła shàa I yá xhút. I am a women of the eagle clan. Tleikáa ka daxùn taakw ax katáagu. I am 24 years old.

Nashàadahanî Tetxunch yu dûsàagoon, kha Late Doug Smarch Sr. dlet kaa xhanáxh. They used to call my clan leader Tetxunch, and Late Doug Smarch Sr. In English.

Ghooch naaxh xhat sitee. My moiety is Wolf. Deisleen khwáan áyá xhát. I am of the Teslin people. Whitehorse-x' kuxwdzitee. I was born in Whitehorse. Deslin-x' aya yei xat yatee. I’m living in Teslin. We Smarchville dei yík kuxaa.oo. I live on Smarchville road. Deslin Łingit Council I yà xhút. I am Teslin Tlingit Council.

Axh Łingit yoo K'atangi yoo x’axaatánk nxashagook. I am learning to speak my Tlingit language. Axh tláa Khagane yu duwáasakw, Connie Jules dlet kaa xhanáxh. My mother’s Tlingit name is Khagane, and her English name is Connie Jules. Ax tláa Łingit koo at latoom aa-x sitee. My mother is a Tlingit teacher. Axh tleikw’ axh tláa du tláa Kashdaxh Tláa yu duwáasakw, Minnie Jules dlet kaa xhanaxh. My grandma, my mom’s mom Tlingit name is Kashdaxh Tlaa, and her English name is Minnie Jules.

Axh tleikw du tláa Skaydu.û yu duwasagoon Graphy Jules dlet kaa xanaxh. My grandma’s mom, they used to call her Skaydu.û, and her English name is Mary Graffie Jules. Axh léelk’w, axh léelk’w du éesh Charlie Jules – Tsít’as yóo dusáawgun. My great grandfather, my grandmother’s father, was called Charlie Jules – Tsít’as.

Indigenous languages are sacred boxes of knowledge that contain our oral traditions, customs, values and who we are as Indigenous peoples’. The creator has guided me to this opportunity where I can bring my passion for the protection of Mother Nature and all of her beings and the fire in my heart for Tlingit language revitalization to the table. As I found throughout my journey that everything is interconnected. We all bring different strengths, stories, experiences to the table, that’s what makes this fellowship so unique , beautiful, resilient and a force to be reckoned with. This fellowship provides us the opportunity to learn, grow and share on a virtual platform together in solidarity, as land stewards for future generations.