Nika Silverfox-Young

Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation


Born and raised in Whitehorse, Yukon, I identify as a Northern Tutchone woman, and am a member of Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation, and part of the Wolf (Egunde) Clan, and am 26 years old. I am working towards a degree in Northern Conservation and Environmental Sciences at the Yukon University, and am very passionate about the conservation of Yukon River salmon species. My dream job would be to work with my First Nations working towards salmon conservation and preservation and water awareness through Indigenous art. My love and passion for fishing comes from my fathers Newfoundland roots, and I learned how to tie a fishing hook well before I ever learned to tie my shoes as a young child. I am working towards living a traditional life and currently live in an off grid cabin to help reduce my carbon foot print. I am beginning to learn my language and would one day like to be able to grow and harvest enough food to provide for my family. My biggest goal would be to create a Culture Camp to help teach Doòli Dӓn K’I and our traditions, and to one day create a field guide/medicinal guide/illustration of all the plants, herbs, and trees on the property, in both Northern Tutchone and English. I am joining this Fellowship to make my ancestors proud and to continue the work that my great uncles Roddy and Clyde Blackjack, and all Chiefs of my community,  blazed for me - Teaching Doòli Dӓn K’I which are the values of caring, sharing, teaching and respect. I’m hoping to make a difference, even if it is a small ripple -  which will eventually turn into a wave of change.