Jessi-John Whalen

Kwanlin Dün First Nation


Hello, my name is Jessi-John Fredrick Jacob Joey Whalen. My people come from Champagne, Haines Junction and Dawson City. I am 24 years young and am planning big things!! I definitely want to be involved with the youth! I plan to open up my own small clothing business and have a store that also functions as a boys and girls club where youth can get fed, do cool activities and sell their artwork! My former boss is assisting me with an online business space for youth to podcast, discuss issues, empower each other and sell their artwork online as well. Eventually I want to become my own boss and help all Yukoners! I'm hoping this fellowship can be a first step to helping the people of the Yukon and helping our land. I am excited to meet new people, explore new opportunities and start a new year doing things I'd like to do!