Jared Dulac

Kluane First Nation

Burwash Landing

Jared Dulac is a member of the crow clan of Kluane First Nation, born and raised in Northern Canada within the Yukon Territory and currently resides in Burwash Landing. Jared is a independent filmmaker, entrepreneur for multiple media platforms and philosopher of climate change. He uses his expertise in the film industry to help portray, inspire and share indigenous stories to a larger audience. He has embarked on various types of filming contracts throughout the country, but is keen with helping voice the indigenous, to better understand the constant change and adaptation to our way of life. Utilizing social media and his creative abilities, Jared is able to create content to attract an audience for better results using graphic design, website development, music creation, and his vast network of clients. "There's alot of work that goes into working behind the camera that is often overlooked, but the real problem is what's in front of the camera, trying to capture a nation who is overlooked entirely. I want the world to see and hear our way of life by creating a story that you can relate to, something that resonates and inspires to change for the better."