Geehaadastee - Shauna Yeomans-Lindstrom

Taku River Tlingit Council


Geehaadastee, (Shauna Yeomans-Lindstrom) is a part of the Yanyedi house of the Taku River Tlingit First Nation. Shauna has been involved in cultural activities, climate change and environmental awareness programs since the early years of her youth. In 2010/11 Shauna participated in "Students on Ice: Antarctic Expedition”. Since then Shauna has studied early childhood development and aspires to apply what she has learned to help develop spaces and create opportunities on-the-land for communities, to learn about traditional knowledge and values. In 2016, she began working for the Taku River Tlingit First Nation as a Land Guardian. As a guardian, she has acquired an extensive background and interest in Indigenous Led Conservation and Nationhood, the National Guardian Network, and Food Security. Shauna became a board member for the T’akhu  Tlèn Conservancy, and later accepted role as President in July 2018.